We welcome applications from all students wishing to attend Baxter College. Students and their Parents and Carers who are considering applying are warmly invited and encouraged to visit the school.

If you would like to arrange a tour of our school, please contact Reception via phone on 01562 741 524 or via email  You can also view and download our Open Day Booklet for further information.


We have one intake at Baxter College into Year 7 at age 11. To apply for your child to transfer from primary to secondary school for Year 7 entry in 2020-21, you need to apply through the scheme coordinated by the local authority. Applications close on 31 October 2019 with late applications ranked below all 'on-time' applications. The Local Authority will notify parents of the outcome of their application for a place.

To apply for an in-year transfer from another school into Baxter College in Years 7-11, please first contact the school reception. The teaching staffing is based on the number of students at Baxter College in September so whilst we accept applications for in-year transfer into existing year groups, on occasion, we may have to place your child on a waiting list. You can ask our reception team to send you an in-year transfer application form (CA1 form), or you can download the form from the Worcestershire County Council website via the link on this page. You should return the CA1 form for in-year transfer directly to Baxter College.


Questions regarding in-year admissions (outside the normal transfer from primary to secondary) can be made directly to us by contacting Mr Mann on 01562 741524.

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