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2018 - 2019

14th Edition - 24/05/19

"This week I had the honour of attending the Severn Arts “Voices and Visions” arts event in Worcester Cathedral. There were art works and performances from schools across Worcestershire on display. Our students shone as real stars of the show, with a performance showcasing Dance and Musical ability in the wonderful setting of the Chapterhouse room. Well done to everyone involved..."


Visit from Dr Prince

Voice & Visions

Crackerjack's Charity

13th Edition - 13/05/19

"I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new website. It represents our values, and demonstrates the fantastic work our students do. We have redeveloped our parent page to make information more accessible, but would welcome your input where there are improvements you feel can be made. This week the summer exam season starts for our year 10, 11 and post 16 students..."


Duke of Edinburgh Key Dates

Memory Lane Cafe

Venice Trip Updates

12th Edition - 12/04/19

"As another term draws to a close we have much to celebrate. Year 11 are enjoying the successes from their mock exams and are preparing for their external exams that start after Easter. Thank you to all the parents that attended our Year 11 Parents' Consultation Evening last week, we had an excellent turnout. Our partnership is critical to supporting students towards their examinations...."


Legally Blonde

Launch of BAX News

Head Students Elected

11th Edition - 29/03/19

"This week, I travelled to London to meet with our Local MP, Mark Garnier and the Minister of Schools, Nick Gibb, to discuss school funding. Whilst the headline funding has remained stable, the underlying costs have increased substantially and it is limiting what schools can do. My conversation with the minister was constructive, and he was hugely appreciative of the Baxter College coaster..."


Mock Parliament

Dance Festival

Jon Burgerman Piece

10th Edition - 15/03/19

"Recently, there has been a lot of media attention on harmful ‘challenges’ and messages spreading through social media, video sharing sites and messaging services. They serve as a timely reminder for the good habits that can keep children safe on line. It is really important that we all understand the difference between video sharing, user led content sites and streaming services. The control of..."



Footie Notes

Year 10 Rewards Breakfast

9th Edition - 15/02/19

"A student’s attendance is one of the most consistently proven factors that impact on their performance. All of the efforts that students put into their lessons can be undone by prolonged periods of absence. The government is clear with us on term holidays, for this reason, we must not authorise absence and should issue fines when required. The aim for all of us must be to keep a..."


Visit to Hartlebury Primary

Spoken Word Night

WOW Week

8th Edition - 01/02/19

"At Baxter College, we consider feedback to be a gift, to be valued and used to drive improvement. We have a student parliament, staff council and parent council to give all members of our learning community a route to communicate.This week, we have launched messaging for behaviour and a weekly attendance update to make sure our parents and carers are fully up to date, responding to..."


Army Cadets at Baxter

Year 7 Careers Event

STEMNET Speakers

7th Edition - 18/01/19

"Our annual awards evening was a fantastic showcase of the talent determination and compassion of the students at Baxter College. Mr Softley’s superb compering (and average jokes!) made for a light-hearted and enjoyable evening. Our guest of honour, Scott Beaumont; local mountain bike and BMX national and world champion, provided inspiration to us all, showing there is a world of opportunity..."


Awards Evening

Bowls Champion 2018

Worcester Warriors "Only Girls Allowed"

6th Edition - 20/12/18

"Merry Christmas! It was great to see so many students in Christmas jumpers and supporting the Brain Injury Trust through their donations. The charitable spirit of Baxter College is truly inspiring. There are many people in our community facing significant hardship this Christmas; I am overwhelmed how our pupils, their families and our staff rose to the challenge to help others...."


Christmas Concert

Visit to the Gables

Foodbank Project

5th Edition - 07/12/18

"Success grows from getting the basics right, day after day. It is important that we celebrate those students who do this, week after week. I’m impressed by the two thirds of students at Baxter College who have received no behaviour points since the start of the year, who always follow instructions, work well in their lessons and complete their homework. This week was our best week of the year...."


Civil War Experience

Year 7 Norman Invasion Project

Christmas Fair

4th Edition - 23/11/18

"The act of remembrance is an important cornerstone of British society. We are all immensely proud of the students and staff who contributed to the creation of the Memorial Garden in our central quad area. It’s simplistic but striking design makes a fitting monument to remember those who have fought for our country. Thank you to every one involved. To fully unlock their potential students need to...."


Rememberance Day Celebration

Year 11 Swimming Success

Iceland Trip

3rd Edition - 26/10/18

"As the first half term of the year draws to a close, there is much to celebrate. I am pleased to announce the election of our ministers to the inaugural student parliament, voted for by the students in their year group. Well done to the students elected on a successful campaign. On Thursday morning over half of year 10 attended a celebration breakfast for students who have made a..."


Baxter's Ministers of Parliament

Taekwondo Championships

Baxter College teacher lands National Role

2nd Edition - 12/10/18

"This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Recently, I was interested to read about the relationship between literacy levels and mental health. Research of nearly 50 000 young people, showed that students who were actively involved in reading and writing were most likely to report they were happy. It’s important we work together in developing literacy skills that are essential..."


Former Baxter Student reaches for the Stars!

Poppy Making

Dying to Drive

1st Edition - 28/09/18

"Welcome back to our new academic year. Thank you for your support in making sure that our students are well presented, well equipped and ready to learn. During the summer we achieved our best ever Academic GCSE results  with improved progress across all subject areas, rewarding efforts of students and teachers during the year. We received a high number of grade 9s in the newly..."


European Day of Languages

Year 11 Success Fayre

Design Ventura