Our Student Parliament

Our Student Parliament provides students with an active, democratic voice in Baxter College. We believe that schools provide the grounding for a student's democratic experience. Our Student Parliament, and the year councils it represents, provide students with a democratic voice in our school. This page will be developed over time by our Student Leadership team.

What is BAX News?


"The idea of BAX News came about in one of the student parliament meetings when we mentioned how to get the student voice out there and heard. In less than a week we had 14 amazing students ready to write and produce amazing articles. They produced some great work; drama that’s happening in lessons, the inside on year 10 football and reviews on some cool movies plus more. As we got started we realised that we wanted to do this so students have a way to connect with other students. Every year has a different input to our school newspaper and it’s a way for those different year groups to come together and make something that we hope everyone will enjoy. Once student parliament mentioned our idea by Mr Carpenter to persuade him there wasn’t much convincing as he thinks it’s a ‘great illustration of what our amazing students can acheive’. Every term you will see a new BAX News and if you want to become part of the team see the back!"

BAX News Editions

Spring 2019



Legally Blonde Jr

Disgusting Drink Drama


Fun Facts about Teachers

Top tips for School

Head Students Elected

Motivational Quotes