Severn Arts Award

Severn Arts are offering a new ‘Music Award’ for eligible families – Severn Arts Music Award!

Music lessons are a great way to build confidence, social networks and musical talent, but not all families can afford the full costs. From now, families can apply for a ‘Severn Arts Music Award’ to be used from September 2021.  This will provide £50 off the cost of music lessons each term for one year, free instrument hire (depending on instrument type) and free ensemble membership. 

Parents/carers can apply for a Music Award in at least one of the following circumstances: 

  • Your child is eligible for Free School Meals
  • Your child is looked after (LAC) or previously looked after (PLAC)
  • Your family is in receipt of universal credit, incapacity benefit or pension credit

Only one application per child can be made and, due to limited funds, Awards will be granted on a first come first-served basis.

If you think you may be eligible for an Award through the Severn Arts scheme and you would like to apply, please complete the Application for Severn Arts Music Award. Applications for Awards should be made by 7 June 2021 and you (and the school your child attends) will be told whether or not you will receive an Award on 23 June 2021. For further information about the Severn Arts Music Awards Scheme, please visit the Severn Arts “Help with costs” page.

If you have any queries about the scheme please contact