Assessments for Year 11 & 13

In the Summer 2021, all examinations have been cancelled and replaced with a Teacher Assessed Grading system. This relies on assessment completed in school, marked by teachers and used to compile an evidence base that is then used to determine a grade. This evidence base will be consistent in classes, but can be varied based on any disruption to learning or during the assessments.

This area of the website has been designed to support this process, and includes a calendar of when the assessments are planned and outline of the assessed pieces of work being used to determine grades. As the planning for this process is still in development this area of the website will be updated regularly.

The calendar of when the assessments take place and the subject assessment plans can be accessed by clicking the buttons below:

JCQ Guidance for Students, Parents & Guardians

Mitigating Circumstances, Malpractice & Confidentiality

Mitigating Circumstances

The Joint Qualifications Council Guidance on the determination of grades makes it clear that the special consideration process will not apply this summer. The range of evidence for each student is flexible and therefore teachers can select different evidence where there were adverse circumstances. For example any special consideration due to lost learning cannot be applied, but the evidence base for the determination of the grade can be adjusted. In a small number of cases it may not be possible to adjust the evidence used, and in this case the teacher can take this into account when determining grades.

Where students feel there has been disruption to their assessment they can raise mitigating circumstances that warrant special consideration through this form. The form includes the categories that are listed by the JCQ in the guide to the special consideration process.

If you are concerned about the implementation of access arrangements please contact our SENDCo (Mr C Mann) through

Malpractice & Confidentiality: Authenticity of Student Work

are completing assessments in controlled conditions so we can be confident that their work is their own. We are also asking for students to complete a declaration that they are confident all of the work they are submitting is their own and asking our teachers to be vigilant for any differences with normal work.

To protect the integrity of our grading process teachers will not be discussing the marks and grades that students achieve in their assessments. Students must not ask, and any repeated attempts or pressure will have to be reported as potential malpractice.

The additional assessment materials are available on the exam board websites for students to view. This is not malpractice as it was a decision made by OFQUAL because the assessments are being sat across the country in different places at different times so the security of the papers. However, teachers cannot discuss the specific questions with students as this would provide an unfair advantage to them and affect the integrity of the assessment process.


More information coming soon.