At BC6, we believe in preparing all our students for their future lives. We feel we can offer students access to relevant support to equip them to get the most out of their learning opportunities.

Careers Guidance

Baxter College has an experienced advisor, based in school, who provides impartial careers guidance and support to students across year groups. This helps equip our young people with the appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to the next stage of education, employment and/or training. Targeted career guidance at ‘key transition’ points is provided on a one to one basis helping to raise aspirations, build confidence and enhance decision making skills concerning future options. 

We offer:

  • One to one careers guidance meetings for sixth form students with regards to their post 18 options (university, higher and further education, apprenticeships, employment and gap years).
  • Advice, information and personal support to all students about decision making and their future direction.

Work Experience

As a school, we are keen to offer the opportunity of work experience to our students and are more than willing to assist and support those students who pursue it.

We see it as an opportunity for students to gain a valuable insight into early career exploration plus a chance to acquire and practice fundamental employability skills.

Students are welcome to source suitable placements from within the community or with family/friends, however they can speak with us directly in school enabling us to offer support in securing a placement. 

Work Experience in Year 12 is compulsory and also takes place at the end of the Summer term.

Students in Year 12 are encouraged to find their own placements, however we can offer assistance should the need arise.

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