Students are supported at every point throughout their journey, but the move from primary school is an important step in your child’s future. We have well established partnerships with our pyramid schools and attract students from across the area.

We offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year for primary students to find out first-hand what Baxter College has to offer. This includes accessing subjects from across our curriculum, sporting events, dance festivals and theatre performances. Our student ambassadors work in the primary schools to deliver safety messages and to talk about life as a Baxter College student.

In addition, we also provide a dedicated programme of transition days in July which encourages independence and develops confidence. These activities allow students to experience our extensive facilities and become familiar with the school environment so that they can make the best possible start to their education at Baxter College.

Progression through the school is also important and we ensure that at key points we offer appropriate and comprehensive support. This is best seen as students prepare to make choices at the end of year 8, year 11 and year 13. We also offer significant support for students who are preparing to move on from Baxter College to the next stage in their life, whether this is university, training or an apprenticeship.

What our new Year 7 students have to say

“Having a form tutor makes me feel supported”

“My name being mentioned in assembly for 'Work of the Week' is nice.”

“I enjoyed making new friends.”

“The school is big, but it is exciting to find your way around.”

“I really enjoy being in different classes”