Home Learning

Each student will be provided with a home learning book where all their homework will be recorded. You will also be given a knowledge organiser for each subject.

Knowledge organisers will provide a summary of all the essential knowledge you are expected to know. 

You will focus on 3 subjects per evening and should refer to your home learning timetable.

These will be shared on Google classroom by your teacher and be available on our website and your pastoral classroom.

Your teacher will provide details of which part to focus on each week.

Students will use the 'Look, Cover, Check' strategy to support you in being able to to review particular elements of knowledge.

 This help you make sense of what is being taught and be ready to retrieve this knowledge in your lessons.

Guide for students and parents

Key Stage 3 and 4


Key Stage 3 (year 7, 8 and 9) Home Learning Timetable

Key Stage 4 (year 10 and 11) Home Learning Timetable