Support & Guidance


Whilst studying for further qualifications, one of our key objectives is to provide you with the guidance and support that will enable you to make informed choices about your future.

For many, this may involve applying for a place at university and as such, we provide numerous opportunities for our students to attend dedicated presentations and research days.

We also provide individual assistance with personal statements and the application process from start to finish.

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A bursary fund is available to students who have a genuine financial barrier to extending their education.

There are different tiers of support available, which will determine the entitlement and proportion of money to be received. Students are only eligible for payments from the Bursary Fund if they meet the eligibility criteria and are legitimately enrolled and attending school.

Please contact Mr Powell, Head of Baxter College Sixth Form for further details.

All queries and applications will be dealt with promptly, sensitively and in a confidential manner.

Statement to support 16 to 19 tuition funding

Baxter College commits to the support of disadvantaged students whose learning has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 outbreak during the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

Sixth form students not achieving at least a grade 4 in maths or English will be the priority group. The use of funding and direct costs will be recorded and evaluated regularly. The needs of this small group of students will be paramount and will form the outline and focus for the small group tuition they will be receiving. The maximum group size will be set at five within the year 12 (2020/2021) cohort.

Research suggests that small group tuition of between two and five students is more effective than larger groups. This enables the teacher to closely match the work to the students’ needs and use ongoing, low stakes testing, to gauge progress and teach focused and specific content. (EEF, 2018)

Students will receive weekly lessons to support their maths and English GCSE attainment and the first resit examination will be made available to them during November 2021. We will also look to utilise opportunities on the National Tutoring Programme to support students whose learning has been disrupted as well as deploy a TA to support students who require additional support to catch up.