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2019 - 2020

22nd Edition - 14/02/20

"I hope you all have an enjoyable half term. This edition of BaxChat showcases a wide range of our successes; from our successes of our current students at school, success in sport and in arts, and the success of our past students. I am really excited by the work of our Eco-club. Their reminders to "turn our lights off" will have a positive impact on the environmental impact of our school. They show ..."


£10,000 funding for our Library!

Rated GOOD by Ofsted

Student successes

21st Edition - 20/12/19

"Merry Christmas everyone! Since the last edition of Baxchat, things have been very busy at Baxter College, with lots of opportunities for success for all our students. The production of Fame highlighted the exceptional talents we have here, with great dancing, acting and singing, supported by a large number of technical and backstage crew. There were rave reviews by the audience as..."


Fame Jr

CCF Parade & Regimental Dinner

White Ribbon

20th Edition - 22/11/19

"This week I am pleased to announce that Bunsen has passed his puppy training and has moved on to the Bronze Standard Kennel Club training. He is also becoming an expert at chasing the seagulls away at lunchtime! A small group of students have been involved in his exercise programme. 
You can now follow Bunsen on Instagram! His Instagram handle is @bunsen.the.lab"


Buy your tickets for Fame Jr

Drop in & Doughnut session for Year 11 students

Arbor & ParentPay updates

19th Edition - 25/10/19

"It was a pleasure to welcome our local MP, Mark Garnier, into Baxter College this half term. As a former member of a CCF, he really valued the character development and fantastic opportunities the cadets can offer. We pride ourselves on our work for charity, but this half term has been expectational with our school community raising nearly £3000 for fantastic causes such as Kemp hospice...."


Sixth Form Open Evening

Suprise visit from Luna Bay!

Combined Cadet Force

18th Edition - 01/10/19

"Welcome to our first edition of BaxChat in this academic year. We’ve had a positive start to the year, with a big increase in the number of achievement points awarded and improved overall attendance, whilst behaviour points and exclusions have decreased. Our new year 7 cohort has been welcomed into our community, and are now experts at navigating the site. Our recent opening evening was the best..."


Bike Ride Fundraiser

Bunsen the School Dog

Open Evening