Did anyone else hear the morning call from our new visitor? 🐔

No it isn’t our new school bell but actually a cockerel! We are currently housing a duck with her 6 ducklings alongside our new residents, a Welsummer cross Dutch Bantam cockerel and hen. They are currently located in the Maths garden quad and we will keep you updated on their journey at Baxter College!

Stay safe over the Easter Break

We hope all students enjoy the Easter break however, if you need any advice or someone to talk to, please click the link below for some support.

Easter House Challenge 🐣🐰

To participate in the competition, simply take a Spring inspired photo when you are out for a walk, see a scenic landscape or something out in your garden, or it could be something linked to Easter/Spring that you make at home.

‘Plague Doctor’ Trend

A number of students have expressed concerns today about sightings of people dressed in costume intended to intimidate others in the local area. We are not yet aware of any specific locations or examples where that this has happened, but can reassure parents that we are increasing our staff presence at the entrance and exit points to the school site.  …

Baxter College have launched an Art Instagram account 🎨

We have decided to create a school Art Instagram account dedicated to sharing the fantastic art work our GCSE and A-level students create! Our Instagram handle is @baxter_college_art so please follow and like to support us in sharing the amazing work created by our students. Please like, comment and share this post to spread the word!